D-Day - Undershaw Planning Meeting

Today at 5pm Waverley Borough Council decide whether or not to grant permission for a developer to make changes to Undershaw.

If they grant it they will be guilty of national and cultural vandalism. In addition they will also be, in effect, rewarding a developer who has failed to look after the property adequately in accordance with its grade II listed status. This little fact is acknowledged by Waverley Council on their own website.

They will send the message that it's okay to let listed buildings decay in defiance of council instructions and that ultimately you will get the development permission you seek (plus the chance to make a tidy profit).

1 comment:

  1. The Council shouldn't have been permitted to destroy a building of such significant history by allowing the owners to let it fall into such disrepair. There should be new laws to protect buildings of this calibre. Perhaps that will be my next project - getting the law changed to protect all listed buildings from their owners and our local councils!

    Lets hope the 11 councillor's making this vital decision will see sense!