Beyond wow

On Sunday afternoon I had the great pleasure of a conversation with Mrs Georgina Doyle who is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's niece-in-law. After a lot of nerves on my part (which never entirely left me) we managed to have a good conversation about a wide range of Doylean subjects. These included Undershaw but also other books and some of the howlers that some authors have written.

Mrs Doyle has notably contributed to Doylean literature herself with the fantastic book Out of the Shadows. This book looked at the lives of ACD's first family who were so often neglected by writers in favour of his second. It is a book well worth obtaining.

Mrs Doyle has very kindly offered to meet with me so I shall be visiting her (employer permitting) in the next few weeks.


  1. This is good news Alistair and I hope it helps tremendously with this marvellous book on Undershaw.

  2. Until I got to the last sentance I had assumed you were conversing in person!