Earlier release

I have been having discussions with my publisher about bringing forward the release date for The Norwood Author. Its release date was (and currently still is) the 22nd March 2010. I have explained that I feel sufficiently confident in the final draft, and the editing I have received, that I am happy to bring it forward to the 1st of March.

The cover has also just been re-jigged to include a new quote from one of my proof-readers. This gentleman (who shall for the moment remain nameless and is a senior member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London) gave me such a pleasing assessment of my work that I felt it needed to be included on the back cover. The publisher agreed and the external designers lept into action.

Presently I am indulging myself with one more read-through (which has been worthwhile as I've spotted a couple of silly, but minor, errors). The final document will be sent away within a fortnight.