A flurry of activity

As reported below, I received some comments back from one of my unofficial editors. All of the comments were excellent and I have nearly worked my way through them all. Phew! "The Norwood Author" is shaping up to be my best book to-date. This is quite a tall order as my most recently published book "Close to Holmes" is my publisher's best selling in the genre (or so he tells me).

However an inconsistency has appeared between some sources I have used and I need to investigate. So this weekend I shall be stuck in the library getting a headache (courtesy of the microfilm reader). I need to compare three newspapers from 1892 and see which one is correct.

Then I need to prepare like crazy for my talk on Sherlock Holmes and Conan Doyle at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel. This takes place on November 10th and has been organised by Living Literature. It's a closed event, I'm afraid, for a set group of tourists but I hope it will lead to further such events in the future.

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