It's the Pitts

Rumours continue to circulate to the effect that Brad Pitt is in talks to be Moriarty - either in the imminent Sherlock Holmes film or in the inevitable sequel.

One word to Warner Bros. - NO!

It would just not be creditable to have him in the role. It would be like casting Morgan Freeman as Gandhi (i.e. just plain wrong). Please, for one second, think beyond the box office takings and look at the original material (go on break the habit of a lifetime!).

You need someone older (in order to be plausible as a Victoria professor). The perfect choice would have to be Gary Oldman. He's well suited to villains, can pass for a professor and has the physical stature to be seen as a worthy opponent to Holmes atop the Reichenbach Falls.

Go on - do it for me.


  1. From your blog to the ears of the Warner Bros. big wigs.