It's amazing the items that you can get on ebay for your Sherlockian collection. However it is equally amazing that there are a large number of people selling such items who have no idea of their true value or indeed of what they are really selling.

I've just been on ebay and saw a number of listings for bound copies of The Strand described as having illustrations posed by "Jeremy Brett". Not only does this seller get this wrong he/she also wants the best part of £200 per volume. In reality they are not worth much more than £60 so I suspect they will go unsold.

My favourite auction today was a lot of three bound Strand volumes where the vendor optimistically expects in excess of £600 for the lot. No harm in trying I guess but no serious collector is going to be that daft. That kind of price only befits a first edition of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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